Svaroopa® Yoga: The Goal is Bliss

Yoga's goal is the bliss of consciousness, which arises from within. Yoga Sutras #1.3 promises, “You will experience svaroopa when yoga stills your mind.” Svaroopa® yoga delivers on this promise through the power and subtlety of spinal release.

Deeper Learning

Selected articles on Svaroopa® yoga written by the founder of the style Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati and Her Teachings Assistant Rukmini Abbruzzi and Premier Teacher Trainer Vidyadevi Stillman.
Embodied Reality

I If we could be there with you, we could ask you a simple question in a very personal way, “Who are you?” What’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Would you say, “I’m a yogi,” or “I’m a wife/husband,” or “I’m a parent?” Instead, what if your very first thought was, “I am Consciousness”. Read more

A Yogic Body

Many people are interested in perfecting their body, sculpting their body through yoga alongwith diet and exercise. A common goal in the yoga world is to look like the yoga magazine covers. Read more

From the Inside-Out

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has never been more popular. Nearly 40% of adults report using CAM, with doctors blending it into mainstream medical therapies, spawning the term "integrative medicine." Read more

Deceptively Easy ▼ Amazingly Powerful

Svaroopa® yoga is easy yoga, maybe even too easy, compared to the athleticism that has taken over the Western yoga world. Read more

Yoga for Every Body

Everybody can benefit from yoga. Svaroopa® yoga in particular is great for every body. Each pose is customized to individual body needs, thus meeting you where you currently are. Read more